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As the owner and Instructor here at The C Zone, I am here to help all of my clients through every step of the process, whether their goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve energy levels, better their overall health, workout as a stress reliever or just come to meet new like-minded friends in a fun, family friendly and affordable atmosphere.

I am forever grateful that my clients have empowered me over the years and entrusted me with their health and well-being.  My goal is to always guide, inspire and empower all of you.  Everyone is welcome here. When you walk through my door, you become my family!

My husband Tim and I have been married for 17+ years.  We have seven children (his, mine and ours), so we stay busy.  Together, we built the studio 15 years ago and I've been going strong ever since.  I have clients that helped me pour the concrete and paint the walls that still work out with me every single day.

I love what I do and feel blessed that every single day I get to share my passion with others.  Join me on your journey and we can do it together!



Personal Trainer~Boot-Camp Instructor~Group Fitness~Core and Functional Fitness

Advanced Pilates~Zumba~Healthy Eating~Lifestyle and Weight Management

Youth Movement~Macro Nutrient



9:15am, Cardio

6:15pm, Toning


9:15am, Toning

6:15pm, Cardio


9:15am, Cardio

6:15pm, Toning


9:15am, Toning

6:15pm, Cardio


9:15am, Christie's Choice


9:00am, A Mix of Everything

Macro Nutrient Meal Prep Services

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